At present Care for Cows serves in Four locations:

Kiki Nagla (Vrindavan, Mathura Dist., U.P. India)

In partnership with Vrindavan Food for Life we host our main herd in Kiki Nagla, a small village about three kilometers outside of Vrindavan town. At present our herd here numbers 240 and we are preparing to expand into a five-acre property in the next village named Gonda Atas.

Belvan (Vrindavan, Mathura Dist., U.P. India)

In partnership with Nareshvara Narayana Anath Go Seva Samiti we host a herd of 190 cows and bulls who have been rescued from the streets or while being illegally transported for slaughter. The Mahant of this goshalla is Sri Digambar Paramananda Giri, commonly known as Naga Baba.

Belvan is a small village across the Yamuna River up stream from Vrndavan. The famous Laksmi Mandir which commemorates the place Laksmidevi performed austerities so She could witness the Rasa Lila of Sri Krsna is in this village.

Kathwada, Gujarat

In partnership with Sri Sri Radha Govinda Dhama (ISKCON) we assist in serving 160 Gir and Kankrej cows, bulls and oxen on a 100 acre farm on the outskirts of Ahmedhabad. This farm project is developing under the guidance of Sri Jasomatinandana dasa, President of ISKCON Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Palakkad, Kerala

In partnership with Dakshina Vrindavan Gaushalla we assist is developing a cow protection project in the lush state of Kerala where at present we have twenty cows saved from slaughter on a fifty-acre farm. On Sri Krsna Janmastami a cornerstone was laid in preparation to build the first cow shed. This project is founded by Sampatkumara Ramanuja Dasan (Advocate Ashwin S of Palakkad).

One who does good, my friend, is never overcome by evil.

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita