Gopal - Belvan

Is an Ox, born on 2004-04-04, who joined us on 2004-12-04.

My mother was fat and white like a full moon but for some reason she gave little milk. Thus when I was just a few months old our former owner put us out on the street. People used to stare at us because she was white, fat and healthy and I, brown, disheveled and scrawny. They couldn't believe I was her son. I followed her from place to place and learned which houses would give us hand-outs, and which would not. She was teaching me the ropes of how to survive in the street. During Kartika of 2004 some rogues from a neighboring town came to Vrindavan with a truck and in the dead of night roamed the streets abducting abandoned cows for slaughter. One night they saw us and captured my mother and took her off. Already weak and dwarfed, I was left to fend for myself and I knew I did not have much of a chance. When the dawn came, I started wandering on my own to the same places where my mother had taken me. I was distraught to face the reality that Vrindavan has become a place unsafe for cows. Previously we could safely graze anywhere but now all the pasturing grounds have been usurped, first by farmers greedy to expand their agricultural fields, and now by developers who want to profit by real estate sales. The sad fact is that we cows are being driven out of Vrindavan. But there are still some good people here. One of them saw me and, noticing my mother was gone, took pity on me. She gave me a place to stay, a wonderful variety of food (including bananas which I have grown accustomed to and find it hard to live without) and most importantly, she was very affectionate to me, like my own mother. But she had to return to her country but before going arranged for me to stay at Care for Cows where I am continuing to be well looked after. Contributors to the life-long maintenace of Gopal are: Vilas Manjari, Australia; Radha-sakti, Italy)

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We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feather so badly that, beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the devil in human form.

William Ralph